A New Chapter ~ Explained

Introducing SubieShift’s new page car, a 2020 STI Series White! This subie will be the new focus of our page and youtube channel. Beyond excited to be sharing the journey and adventures I have with this sti with you guys! 

Check out the new Youtube channel here! I will be showing you guys everything I do to this new page car and my everyday life! We’re going to have a ton of fun and make a lot of amazing memories, so definitely stay tuned! 

Can’t wait to bring you guys along with me on this next chapter of SubieShift and can’t thank you enough for all of the support making it all possible! And as always, Welcome To The Team. 


  • Jeff Check

    Car looks gorgeous.. are you planning on any rally type driving this winter or is she strictly a road going car? Wish i had those touches i have a 2020 STI std. and its cool but..

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