Car Feature-@Davis_wrx

Hi, I'm Davis Duong from Los Angeles, CA, and I own & daily drive a 2015 Subaru WRX Limited (Dark Grey Metallic). Growing up, WRXs and STIs were always iconic to me--the brand and car embodied the perfect package that met all of my requirements for an ideal dream car. Everything from their history in the rally scene, to the sound of the boxer engine, to the safety and reliability of the AWD, to the amount of customization and support you had from the community, made it an easy car to dream towards.

As I grew up and got myself into a position where I could responsibly afford my own car, I decided to go with the 2015 WRX (note: my dream car was always the 2005 STI). I felt like with the 2015 WRX, I was able to buy a car that met all of my requirements (affordable & practical daily driver with enough power to have fun, reliable enough for me to own for several years, and it had to be a Subaru). I never planned to modify the car initially, but as you can tell, things didn't go as planned, and I was quickly introduced head-first into the car scene!

In terms of modifications, I have one philosophy that I live by when it comes to cars (and also life): "DO IT ONCE. DO IT RIGHT." In car modding terms, this meant that I would strive to use only high quality parts, and not take any shortcuts or cheap out with my build.

The vision I have for my car is to keep things SIMPLE, CLEAN, and MEAN. I want my car to really represent and push the belief that "less is more", and it's not all about slapping the entire catalog on your car in order for it to look good. To me, building a car is like cooking a good recipe--you need the right balance of ingredients, and there are certain ingredients that can make up the perfect combination, and others that can completely ruin it. Ultimately, I wanted to daily drive a tasteful, but subtly modded car.

Throughout my journey of learning about the car and its modifications, I've met many people along the way whether it's from local car clubs, car shows, or legendary online influencers who have inspired my build along the way. Going through the process of building my car has taught me many personal lessons about myself, all while being able to make new friends and create experiences that bring me day-to-day joy. Learning to embrace the patience and drive that it takes to make a vision come to life is an especially larger challenge when it involves cars because of the inherently high price tag and financial responsibility that comes with it. But when something like this turns into your passion, you always find a way to make it work, and it's been worth it for me every step of the way.

I've found that the Subaru community specifically is one that is extremely tight-knit, and I'm proud to be part of that, and help & grow with others along the way that are getting into the scene!

Modifications List:

  • Engine/Performance: Tuned by Phatbotti Tuning (Cobb E85 Flex Fuel Kit, Cobb High-Flow Catted Downpipe, Invidia R400 Catback, Process West Verticooler, Grimmspeed EBCS, IAG TGV & EGR Deletes, Mishimoto Cold-Air Intake, DW300 Fuel Pump)
  • Suspension: Airlift 3P, Whiteline Front & Rear Sway Bars, Kartboy Endlinks, SPC LCAs & RTAs
  • Wheels: SSR SP5 Titan Silver 3-Piece wrapped in Hankook Ventus V12 with Project Kics Iconix R40 lug nuts
  • Exterior: Full Opti-Coat ceramic coating, Rexpeed duckbill, OLM rear roof spoiler, Subispeed vortex generator, custom headlights (quad projectors & halos with honeycomb etchings), Subispeed sequential taillights w/ rear F1 brake light, JDM grille, Subispeed LED turn signals, Subispeed switchback turn signal LED fog bezels, Downforce Solutions front splitter, Verus Engineering rear diffuser
  • Interior: Subispeed carbon fiber steering wheel, carbon fiber e-brake, Raceseng Ashiko brushed shift knob, Boomba Racing short shifter