Creation of SubieShift ~ Explained

Hey guys! Eric, founder of SubieShift, here! Many of you are probably wondering how and why SubieShift came to be. Let me explain! I have always had a deep passion for Subarus as a child growing up. By watching them dominate rally stages to hearing that classic boxer rumble for the first time, I was hooked! 

It was my dream to own an STI one day. And four years ago that dream came true. A Crystal White Pearl 2017 STI (Delivery day pictured above!) made its way into my life. Something about gripping on all four tires to hearing the EJ rumble away to the pure mechanical bliss the STI gives you to the amazing Subaru community was magical and everything I wanted. 

However, when I looked to instagram for build inspirations and advice, I noticed there was a lack of a true community for WRX/STI owners and enthusiasts to openly share helpful comments and appreciate each others builds under one community, one team. So...I went out to create one! I remember being so excited after hitting our first 100 followers and I still feel the same excitement 140,000+ followers, or what we call team members, later. It makes me so thankful to know that we, as WRX/STI owners and enthusiasts with a shared passion, have a community to call our own. And not just any community, but a team. A team that supports and represents each other to the fullest. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a valued SubieShift Team Member and making this team so amazing to be a part of!

~ P.S. Many thousands of miles later, that magic still exists and I can’t wait to grab the keys to it every day! 

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