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Enough is enough. We are committed to elevating a connected community through sharing the love of cars. We are committed to using this platform for good. As you all know, there are bigger problems in this world at hand. Racism. Injustice. Lack of humanity. It hurts to witness the cruelty and silence happening around us. Let’s not stand by and let justice go unserved. Let’s not tolerate racism in any form. Don’t let fear conquer you. Every single one of us has a responsibility to unite against racism and social injustice. Play a role in collective healing. We all have the power to unite and take action together. Let your voice be heard. Let your love be shared. Be the change you want to see. Text FLOYD to 55156 to support protesters seeking justice for George Floyd (You can find out more online). PLEASE feel free to share YOUR thoughts/supports/actions so that we can spread awareness and make a change in not just this community, but the world.
Featured Team Member: @hendys_hatchsti
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  • Luis Miranda

    I grew in rural Kentucky where the rebel flag was strong and kkk would harass colored people outside of their homes. Where at Walmart parking lots became battle ground between racist radicals and men and women of color. Guns aimed at groups just because of skin tone. I had to endure it all though my teenage life. I’m Puerto Rican and black. And I stand firmly against racism from all sides. Live the dream! And support the fight against racism in the not only the US but world wide.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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