V2 DROP 7/3/2020

What’s up SubieShift fam! As our team and community grows, we wanted to provide you guys with a fresh new line of team merch! It has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. V2, three new tees, represents our mission: To grow a community of WRX/STI owners and lovers through a shared passion for subies and good vibes!
The Protean Tee represents all of the capabilities and builds that everyone loves to see! Protean (/ˈprōdēən,prōˈtēən/) defines the ability of an object to be extremely versatile and capable of many things! From the fresh dirt on the rally course to the warm pavement on the track, subies can do it all. Whether you’re a fan of one or a fan of all types of activities and builds, the tee is a great way to show what our cars can do! 
The Kuruma Tee is a representation for all 140,000+ members of the team! 車のコミュニティ(Kuruma no komyuniti), translates directly into “car community”. We are a car community driven by sharing a passion for the love of our subies and good vibes! Whether you just love subies or feel at home amongst those that do, we can all support each other by representing what it truly means to be a car community!

The Chīmu Tee needs no introduction. チーム(Chīmu), translates right into “team”. The SubieShift insignia represents our team. From every photo to every shirt, the logo marks the quality found in our community. You can have confidence in the community you are representing and are a part of!

We are unbelievably excited to see you repping the V2 drop at your local meets, cruises, and drives! You can grab your own tees officially on 7/3/2020 at 6PM EST!
Featured Team Member: @thatliftedstiguy


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