Who We Are

We Are A Team.

You may be asking yourself..what exactly is a team and why does following an Instagram page make you a part of one? Here, at SubieShift, a team is a community of like-minded individuals sharing and discussing their love and passion. Being a member of our team can mean many things, but ultimately, it means that you are passionate about subies and supporting those around you!

We try our best to provide a quality of content that represents who we are and what we stand for as one team. From helping out in the DMs trying to problem solve exhaust issues to communicating in the comments showing our love for your awesome builds, we strive to make a difference in the car community. 

These days, car communities can be misinterpreted by various groups and their actions, however, we know that a true car community is much more than what people perceive one as. In our community, amongst many things, positivity and helpfulness are highly valued. 

The reason behind our carefully written captions to the smiley faces you see across our page is to brighten everyone’s day! We understand that each person has their own journey and their own troubles from day to day. We also acknowledge that each person has their own opinions and preferences. Due to this, we strive to put our differences away to focus on what what we all have in common: A love for subies. 

With that said, being a member of our team means that you are a part of a larger family with shared values and mindsets. Together, we reflect a community based on a love and passion for all things WRX/STI and a positive lifestyle!

Thank You For Supporting Us & Making This Such An Awesome Team To Be A Part Of!

Welcome To The Team.

Featured Team Member: @newmansownwrx