Members Builds ~ @GHST.WRX
Members Builds ~ @GHST.WRX
Members Builds ~ @GHST.WRX
Members Builds ~ @GHST.WRX


Members Builds ~ @GHST.WRX

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If you'd like to find out more about any build please leave a comment, send a DM, or use the Add To Cart function (Completely free! It will just notify us that you would like more info!). Enjoy!

Modifications List:

Subispeed turn signals

Subispeed Tail Lights

MST 01 wheels

HKS Blow Off Valve

Racecomp Engineering Yellow Lowering Springs

Custom Headlights By @jimmyworks

Mishimoto Fog Lights

Subispeed Bezels

Billetworkz side skirts

Airlift 3P Management

Remark Exhaust

Carbon Fiber Lip/Splitter